BacKey for MaKey MaKey is now available for purchase!

Posted on September 15, 2014 in Hardware

I’m proud to announce that my first ever open-source hardware product is available for purchase over at Tindie! This particular project is called the BacKey for MaKey MaKey, and is a kind of backpack for the MaKey MaKey that allows users to access all of the features on the back of the board using alligator clip wires, rather than the normal bare wires.

As simple as the project may seem, it represents a considerable amount of learning for me. To publish this product I needed to learn about all sorts of things that go beyond electronics and code. Things like how to manufacture circuit boards, how to price a product based on the work that went into it and planning for future growth, as well as how to ship items like this efficiently.

For this very first run, I am only offering 50 boards, so if you want one, go pick it it up now! At some point I will write another article about lessons I have learned through this adventure, so stay tuned!

Click the button below to be taken to the product page on Tindie and place an order!

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