Currently available for hire as a UI developer or for creative tech work (interactive art, prototyping, teaching). If interested, drop me a line!
Creative technologist, UI developer, hardware engineer and lover of learning focused on unconventional applications of advanced and emerging technologies in creative contexts.

With strong passions for both creative and scientific inquiry, I continually explore the boundaries and intersections of art/design, technology and education through experimental project-based work. I am particularly focused on the exploration of natural processes relating to biology and form through computational design, digital fabrication and traditional studio-based processes.

Professionally I leverage these passions as a UI developer specializing in cross-disciplinary collaboration between design and technical teams, executing meaningful and modern experiences for all kinds of users.

I love to use tools like Processing / p5.js openFrameworks WebGL / Three.js Arduino Rhino + Grasshopper and equipment like 3D printers CNC mills / routers laser cutters zip ties to explore topics of interest that swirl around in my head, such as morphogenesis photomicroscopy micropaleontology mycology cellular automata computational / parametric / generative design and more.

My interests have afforded me opportunities to do some really interesting things, such as: