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The ExtraCore RST is a variant of the tiny Arduino-compatible ExtraCore board by Dustin Andrews, with a couple of small changes to fit my applications. Dustin chose to implement a low-pass filter for the AVCC pin, as recommended by the ATMEGA328 datasheet, but I was curious if it was strictly necessary in my applications. After all, I had built several Arduino-compatible boards and breadboarded ATMEGA328s without using such a filter before and not had an issue. I felt that a reset button would be more beneficial for me, so I added one and moved some parts around to fit and route a little better.

To save on cost, I found to my astonishment that I could fit four of these as sub-boards onto a single board by panelizing for SeeedStudio's Fusion PCB service! At a price of $9.90 + $4.10 S&H for 10 boards (with four sub-boards per board), that comes out to a cost of about $0.35 per board! The panelized .brd file is available below for you to make your own.

Bill of materials

Source files

Source file Image

Eagle 6.2.0 board file


Eagle 6.2.0 schematic file


Eagle 6.2.0 board file

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