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About Eyewriter 2.1

Eyewriter 2.1 is an updated version of the Eyewriter 2.0 open-source eye-tracking system. It uses a modified PS3Eye webcam and flashing LEDs, along with specialized software to track the position of a user's pupil. Pupil position is then translated into useful actions like moving the mouse to draw on the screen.

Project goals

  • Update the code from Github (https://github.com/eyewriter/) to work with the latest version of oF (0.7.4).
  • Update the GUI to be a little more friendly and accessible to non-programmers (i.e. K-12 educators who may not have the time, skill or interest in doing much tinkering).
  • Compile binaries for all major platforms so that users don't have to ever see a line of code to get it working.
  • Reduce the amount of assembly and electronics knowledge required by producing fully-integrated PCBs.
  • Reduce the amount of physical assembly required by designing a 3D-printable frame assembly and PCB housings with Gorillapod-like ball+socket mounts.
  • Create lesson plans, tutorials and guides in the form of Instructables, videos and PDFs specifically aimed at helping educators getting their students making work of their own.

Project updates

Project links

And watch for activity on my Github fork:



The optics system refers to the infrared-enabled camera and all related parts. The most important thing is that there is a camera that has an easily-accessible VSYNC output to connect to the main board. It is NOT easy to hack the PS3Eye for this, but no other cheap and easy options have been found yet.

You can pour as much money as you want into the optics system, but I chose to use dirt-cheap DIY options for everything. I used a 3D printed M12 mount and some tape from VHS tapes.

Optics system BOM


Main board BOM

Glint board BOM

Interconnects BOM

Power supplies

The Eyewriter 2.1 system needs a regulated 5V power supply capable of about 1.5A or so. The following power supplies are great:


Hardware BOM

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