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  • Highly expressive open-source "sip and puff" interface.


  • Compact Arduino-compatible platform for controlling many types of LEDs. Contains an on-board Bluetooth transceiver for remote control via smartphone or tablet, as well as an external sensor array to enable some extra functionality.

Jar of Fireflies

  • Reinvention of the classic "Jar of fireflies" project using the Arduino framework and the ATTiny85 microcontroller. Includes six charlieplexed LEDs, a piezo sensor and a variety of powering options.

Eyewriter 2.1

  • Updated version of the Eyewriter open-source eye-tracking system for use by art educators teaching students with diverse needs. This new version aims to simplify the assembly and use of the system, as well as bring a number of upgrades.

Universal Bicore

  • A circuit board designed to make building bicore-based BEAM robots easier.


  • Super small open-source, BlinkM-compatible, I2C-enabled high-power RGB LED driver using cyz_rgb.

Prusa Mendel build

Wall plotter

  • Wall-mounted drawing machine that plots SVG-based art on a wall using stepper motors, string and a suspended carriage.
  • Wall plotter expense report - materials and tools bought during execution of this project.

ExtraCore RST

  • Adaptation of ExtraCore Arduino by Dustin Andrews
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