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About this project

openSip+Puff is a highly expressive, low-cost, open-source "sip-and-puff" interface designed to enable new methods of creative expression in digital work. It's main intended purpose is to provide a cheap alternative input method based on the breath of a user, which can be easily mapped to a variety of common actions like mouse clicks, brush width, volume, velocity and more.

Technical description

The interface is based on the MX12GP pressure transducer, which is read by an ATMega32u4 via an AD8223 instrumentation amplifier. The ATMega32u4 runs the Leonardo bootloader and is thus able to mimic USB HID devices like keyboards and mice.

Project goals

  • Make interface as simple and transparent as possible.
  • Use ATMega32u4 (with Leonardo bootloader) to mimic USB HID functionality.
  • Allow users to reconfigure device based on need.
  • Provide ways to use interface as both a "digital" device (on/off/sip/puff) and an expressive "analog" device (variable input, MIDI).
  • Include an I2C interface so device can be used to trigger other devices.
  • Include as much high-quality documentation as possible to help individuals use the device to it's best potential.

Project updates

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