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Use the MaKey MaKey to make DIY assistive technology for computer access

Posted by in Assistive technology, DIY Projects, Lessons & Workshops, Portfolio, Teaching on Apr 11, 2014 | No Comments

Today I published an Instructable that guides you through the entire process of designing, making, testing and evaluating DIY computer access interfaces using the MaKey MaKey. This is a higher-quality follow-up to some material that I generated last fall for the MaKey MaKey “How-To” Contest, which includes much better photos and drawings, along with lots […]

Lumiboard (rev B) prototypes and testing: board updates, firmware, LED testing and Bluetooth

Posted by in Kits, OSHW on Feb 09, 2014 | No Comments

For the past few months I have been working hard on a project I started quite a while ago to make it easier for me to work with different kinds of LEDs and control them in a variety of ways. I’ve just finished testing out the second revision of this board, which I am calling […]

WyoLum Innovation Grant 2013 entry – openSip+Puff

Posted by in Assistive technology, General, OSHW on Dec 30, 2013 | No Comments

Choose one: _X_ WyoLum may post my project publicly ___ WyoLum may not post my project (This will result in disqualification) Public repository URL Source files for firmware, software and PCBs at: Overview of all available information on my personal project wiki: Proposal video: Summary openSip+Puff is a low-cost, open-source “sip and puff” […]

Glassblowing + electronics: first commission and Klein bottle gift

Posted by in 3D printing, Art, Collaborations, Portfolio on Dec 27, 2013 | No Comments

For the holiday season I worked on two gifts that combine some neat lighting effects with some hand-made glass pieces. The first piece was created in collaboration with glassblower Kenny Galusha on commission for a friend as a Christmas gift, while the second piece uses similar electronics and a hand-made Klein bottle I found online. […]

Glassblowing + electronics collaboration: NeoPixels, clear forms and Instamorph

Posted by in Art, Collaborations, Portfolio on Dec 19, 2013 | No Comments

Recently I’ve been collaborating with glassblowing artist and student Kenny Galusha to explore dynamic lighting within his hand-blown glass work. Earlier we discovered that some glass pieces do amazing things when you hold a high-power RGB LED up to them, and we’ve been trying to learn how to exploit the effects ever since. At first, […]

STEAM micro-workshops for area Girl Scouts

Posted by in Teaching on Nov 23, 2013 | No Comments

Recently I was given the opportunity to participate in an evening-long “science event” for a group of about 100 Girl Scouts from the south-central Nebraska area to get them excited about STEM fields. Not being a pure “STEM” adherent myself, I chose to expand the topic of my presentation to talk about STEAM, emphasizing creativity […]

BacKey for MaKey MaKey

Posted by in DIY Projects, OSHW, Portfolio on Nov 22, 2013 | No Comments

A simple “backpack” circuit board for the MaKey MaKey that breaks out each of the female header pins to alligator clip holes so that users don’t need to worry about wires falling out or breaking off during use. This enables more robust use of the MaKey MaKey for use in heavy-use situations like assistive technology and teaching.

Winning the MaKey MaKey “group how-to” contest – using the MaKey MaKey for custom assistive technology interfaces

Posted by in Assistive technology on Nov 15, 2013 | No Comments

In August I learned about a cool contest put on JoyLabz (the folks who make the MaKey MaKey) that asked for submissions for instructions on how to lead a group “how-to” workshop using the MaKey MaKey. For whatever reason, at first glance the contest felt like a long-shot, until I remembered that I had already […]

SurfaceMapperGUI – a simple Processing interface for projection mapping

Posted by in Art, Code as Art, Coding, DIY Projects, Portfolio on Nov 01, 2013 | No Comments

SurfaceMapperGUI is a Processing sketch for simple projection mapping projects that allows users to easily map image and videos onto real-world objects. The documentation (available also as an Instructable), guides users through the entire projection mapping process, including several examples such as mapping onto curved objects and mannequin heads.

Hardware platform (rev B) for Eyewriter 2.1 eye-tracking system

Posted by in 3D printing, Assistive technology, DIY Projects, OSHW, Portfolio on Oct 21, 2013 | No Comments

Building upon lessons learned while building the first version of the Eyewriter 2.1 hardware platform (rev A), I set out to redesign the system to require fewer pieces of hardware and less 3D-printed plastic. The result is a much more compact, manipulable and adaptable system that can be attached to monitors, laptops and desks.