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BacKey for MaKey MaKey is now available for purchase!

Posted by in OSHW on Sep 15, 2014 | No Comments

I’m proud to announce that my first ever open-source hardware product is available for purchase over at Tindie! This particular project is called the BacKey for MaKey MaKey, and is a kind of backpack for the MaKey MaKey that allows users to access all of the features on the back of the board using alligator […]

Design and early progress on Burning Man artcar control panel

Posted by in Art, Collaborations, Interaction Design on Sep 06, 2014 | No Comments

Some time ago I was asked to collaborate on a spaceship-themed artcar that is being built for next year’s Burning Man, and I accepted in the invitation with pretty much no hesitation. For me, this is a perfect project – equal parts art and engineering, carried out in direct collaboration with other people that know […]

First “small” 3D-printed base prototype combining glass art and Lumiboard

Posted by in 3D printing, Art, Collaborations, OSHW on Aug 17, 2014 | No Comments

As part of an on-going collaboration with glassblower Kenny Galusha, I’ve begun working on a series of 3D-printed platforms that combine some of his glass art with my Lumiboard open-source LED platform. We are planning to launch a Kickstarter soon to enable the both of us to purchase basic equipment we will both need to […]

Checking out MCC’s Fab Lab

Posted by in General on Aug 10, 2014 | No Comments

A few weeks ago I visited the Fab Lab at Metropolitan Community College here in Omaha and took a tour of the facilities. I found a small space packed full of great equipment from hobby-level 3D printers, to a 3×4′ laser cutter, a CNC mill and much more. Better yet, I found that the people […]

Make Lincoln 2014

Posted by in General on Aug 09, 2014 | No Comments

A few weeks ago I drove out to Lincoln to check out a local community event for Makers called MAKE LINCOLN 2014, and took a few photos to share what people brought. While it was not officially called a Maker Faire, many people I spoke with told me that it was essentially the same type […]

Musical instruments with the MaKey MaKey

Posted by in Teaching on Jul 06, 2014 | 1 Comment

Over the past week or so, the other Maker Corps Mentors and I have been facilitating a DIY musical instrument activity at the Omaha Children’s Museum’s Maker-Space. We ask the kids to think of an instrument that they would want to play (real or not), then help them construct them out of cardboard and aluminum […]

DIY office supply catapult workshop

Posted by in Teaching on Jul 02, 2014 | No Comments

Last week I facilitated a day-long activity at the Omaha Children’s Museum’s Maker-Space in which kids got to figure out how to build their own catapults using sticks, tape and rubber bands! I provided a picture of a basic model to work from, as well as two examples that I built for them to study, […]

Maker Faire: Kansas City 2014

Posted by in General on Jul 01, 2014 | No Comments

Last weekend I made a last-minute trip to Kansas City for their 4th annual Maker Faire and brought back lots of pictures and videos to share! While there I got to check out every booth and have great conversations with new Makers, as well as friends from last year. All around a very inspiring and […]

Popsicle sticks + tape and marble run activities

Posted by in Art, Teaching on Jun 22, 2014 | No Comments

A couple weeks ago we set out a few buckets of popsicle sticks and a pile of masking tape and let the kids try to make interesting structures, and we were very happily surprised with just how far it went! You might think that using just two ingredients would get boring and limiting really quickly, […]

Maker-Space outreach to McMillan Magnet Center

Posted by in Teaching on Jun 19, 2014 | No Comments

Through my job as a Maker Corps Mentor with the Omaha Children’s Museum, sometimes the opportunity arises to do some outreach to local schools and organizations. Recently, McMillan Magnet Center requested that our Maker-Space come out and do a workshop for three groups of students. We brought with us a pile of materials and taught […]