Creative technologist, UI developer, hardware engineer and lover of learning focused on unconventional applications of advanced and emerging technologies in creative contexts.

I am a chronically curious person with deep passions for creative inquiry and cutting-edge technology. For me context is key, as even the most clever technological solutions can be futile if real people aren't inspired or impacted by them!

It is my personal mission to build fantastic things for good reasons using modern processes and technologies balanced with a deep respect for craftsmanship and wildly diverse perspectives.

On this website I document and share my various explorations at the intersections of creative and technical methodologies.

My specialties and research focuses include:

  1. Digital fabrication (3D printing, CNC, and more).
  2. Custom electronics design and prototyping.
  3. Interactive, immersive experiences and exhibits.
  4. Hands-on, project-based education.

My dream is to work full-time in a role in which I can apply, evolve and share my interests through an established institution or agency, or as a freelancer.

If you are interested in having me join your team, feel free to reach out! Relocation is not an issue for the right opportunity!

Let's talk!

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